Here at Gilbert Engineering, we've spent more than ninety years earning the trust of our business partners by being the best at what we do. On this page, you can view some of the awards our business have won and also some of the letters of recognitions we have received from our business associates that serve as a testament to the quality of work we do here. 

This letter, from Prime Source Parts & Equipment, is just one of many examples of how much work we put into maintaining professional relationships. If you click on the letter, you can zoom in, and read for yourself just how well our business is run from the perspective of one our clients.

It's no surprise that our very own John Gilbert III would win contractor of the year. He and his father have continued to run this business with unmatched success.

These are just a few of the many awards and recognitions we have received as a result of our excellent service to our myriad of clients. Here at Gilbert Engineering Company, we don't do the best work simply to get recognition. We do things well because that is the only way we know how.

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