Gilbert Engineering Company 

Gilbert Engineering is a general contractor that specializes in various public water related projects and industrial work.


Our company has a rich backstory. Gilbert Engineering was founded by John N. Gilbert, Sr. in 1929. At the time, the company equipment included one used pickup truck, two wheelbarrows, and a few hand shovels and picks. Over time, the Gilbert family proceeded to open a rock quarry, a multiplant concrete company, and even a restaurant. These have since been sold in order to concentrate on the company's contracting needs.


Today, the company is run by his grandson, John N. Gilbert, III.  Our years of service have earned us a reputation of being the best at at what we do.


Gilbert Engineering operates under the philosophy of meeting all the needs of its customers and maintaining a broad spectrum of expertise while providing a level of service not offered elsewhere. To put it frankly, we are neither the cheapest, nor the biggest; those are not our goals - but we are the best and continually strive to stay that way.

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Gilbert Engineering Company